【NGC Europe最新ニュースレター】StemFit – Best Medium for Stem Cells



Best Medium for Stem Cells!


Feeder cells and Xeno-free culture medium


  • Easy handling
  • Higher proliferation rate
  • Feeder-free culture medium
  • Reproducible and consistent growth rates




Get your free StemFit® Medium!

The first 20 distribitors get a complete free StemFit Medium, if there is a guarantee to get the data from the customers.


StemFit® is recommended by leading Scientists

“StemFit®, a newly
developed Xf-medium, was the best medium for hESC and hiPSC culture with rLN511E8

Nakagawa et al. 2014, Sci Rep., 4:3594.

Get the paper here (free)




Very reproducible growth rate

The cultivation of stem cells using StemFit® results in a very reproducible growth rate. This enables a perfect planning of experiments. No more variation due to different starting conditions caused by the natural variation when culturing with feeder cells. Analysing the morphology of stem cells cultivated in StemFit® shows that the colony shape and size are very similar to the cells grown on feeder cells.


Weekend free feeding

The maintenance of stem cells is very complicated and labor intense and the feeding step during the weekends is very tedious. StemFit® allows a feeding-free weekend, by using the above recommended weekly workflow.


Easy transition from feeder cells

Majority of the stem cells are still maintained in feeder-cell dependent cultivation. The transition from feeder-cells to nonfeeder-cells system could not be easier: Switch the medium two days before passaging the cells and continue cultivating them in StemFit®. After 2-3 passages the feeder cells will be completely diluted out and a pure stem cell culture will be obtained.


Compatible with many matrices

StemFit® has been tested on many different matrices. The fold expansion rate of cells cultured in StemFit® is much higher when compared to medium A from the market leading competitor.


Less production of lactate

The production of lactate is the result of hypoxic stress. The consequences can be changes in the genome expression profile or lead to unwanted differentiation of the stem cells. The CGI Catapult Institute in London showed that there is considerably less lactate production when the cells are grown in StemFit®. The StemFit® Media (code name AK03N) caused a considerably lower accumulation of lactate when compared to 4 other commercially available Stem cell media.





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